Last week was a continuation of our 2021 market theme. Let’s recap it, next!

The multiple personalities of this market continued last week with Monday-Wednesday seeing huge declines only to be followed by big market gains on Thursday and Friday. For example, The Dow Jones lost 1,190 points to begin the week only to gain 795 to close out the week. Similar to the Dow, many of those broad-based ETFs across several asset classes finished in the red despite the strong two-day performance.

From large-cap stocks to small-cap stocks, from high-quality bonds to lower quality corporate bonds and broad-based commodities as well, volatility was present.

For the week ahead, what personality does the market take on this week? Do we continue to see swings in the volatility? Given the way the market has behaved this year, it’s best to be mentally prepared for all environments. Turning to economic data, this week features a heavy dose of housing releases and if you are in the market trying to buy a home, you know how hot this sector has been.

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