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1 CPE – Introduction to 1031 Exchanges and DSTs

Over 100 years ago Internal Revenue Code 1031 (IRC§1031) was legislated into law with the Revenue Act of 1921. While it has undergone various iterations over the subsequent decades, the spirit of the code remains. The code states ‘no gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of property held for the productive use in a trade, business or for investment if such property exchanged solely for like-kind which is to be held for the productive use in a trade, business or for investment’ Widely accepted as providing stimulus for the highest and best use of real estate capital investment, IRC§1031 provides investors with a powerful tool for tax deferral while promoting reinvestment domestically rather than abroad. Join Asset Strategy as we discuss this powerful tax planning tool. Utilizing the code correctly requires an astute taxpayer and an educated CPA. In this course participants will be educated in:

  • Guidelines of a 1031 Exchange o Timelines for identification period and closing.
  • Equity and debt replacement parameters
  • Depreciation Effects and Schedules
  • Schedule E
  • Schedule 8825
  • Equity and Debt Replacement
  • Asset Classes
  • Definition of like-kind properties
  • Acceptable exchange examples
  • Active vs Passive Ownership.

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