By now we have all heard the phase, flatten the curve. We know the curve has a beginning and that it has a peak, but it also has an ending.

Dealing with the coronavirus and with the markets selling-off as it waits on the U.S.

government’s stimulus bill plus additional measures from the Federal Reserve – we understand this is a scary time. Which is why we also need to focus on our mental health.

Let us focus on the green shoots. Green shoots occur after a forest fire when the soil becomes overly rich with nitrogen and then you start to see tiny piece of green vegetation pop up. Focus on the fact that nearly 100,000 people have fully recovered from the coronavirus and the majority of cases do not require hospitalization and that more testing is finally being done.

Don’t let the stock markets add to your stress – that just as the curve has an ending so too does the market sell-off. That green shoots will start to develop.

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Financial Markets and Mental Health

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