MoneyLetter Managed Account Program

Asset Strategy Advisors (“ASA”) is dedicated to helping clients achieve their specific investment objectives and long-term financial goals. ASA provides professional investment management services for individuals, corporations, and non-profit institutions.

MoneyLetter Managed Accounts

If you lack the time, discipline, or patience to implement MONEYLETTER’s proven strategies, this program will help make you a more successful investor. After a comprehensive interview, Bruce Hardy, Director of Asset Management, will work with you to implement the asset allocation and fund selection strategies that you see in MONEYLETTER. Modeled after the newsletter that was selected to the Hulbert Financial Digest Honor Roll and named “Best Financial Advisory Newsletter” by the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers’ Association, this program offers Conservative, Moderate, Venturesome, and “Select ETF” investor tracks.

Our Focus

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your account(s) will be in your name, custodied at a well-known firm like Charles Schwab or Fidelity, and can be tailored to your individual circumstances, as needed.

You’ll receive dedicated service provided by an experienced team of investment professionals. ASA keeps an “open line” of communication with all our clients to ensure that their investment objectives are met.

Minimum Investment is $100,000. Contact Us Today (800) 707-2060 for a Free, No-Obligation Portfolio Review.

Meet Our MoneyLetter Account Manager

Bruce Hardy MBA

Director of Private Asset Management
Senior Consultant

Bruce is a former mutual fund portfolio manager and has been developing financial products for both institutional and individual investors for more than 30 years. He has held key management positions with W.E. Donoghue & Co., David L. Babson & Co., and BankBoston, and was most recently President of PRI Financial Advisors, Inc., exclusive providers of the MoneyLetter Managed Account Program. Bruce received his MBA from Boston University and is a graduate of Middlebury College.


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