One stock market theme of 2021 has continued into May. Care to guess what it is?

If you guessed taking on another personality, you are correct! Up until that surprisingly weak jobs report number on Friday – growth stocks were getting slaughtered. But during that same time, airlines were getting sold off, cruises were getting sold off, hotels were getting sold off. So, not only was growth selling off but so too was the reopening trade.

I bring this up because this hasn’t been the norm. What we’ve been accustomed to seeing is growth and the reopening trade moving in opposite directions – one would move higher as the other would move lower and vice versa. This time was different with both groups getting sold off at the same time. So, five months in and the personality of the market continues to zig and zag.

For the week ahead, lets continue to follow the performance of these two groups as the market continues to digest the jobs report. If they continue to sell off in tandem, then is the market trying to tell us that it’s worried about interest rates and inflation. That interest rates will move higher thus making growth stocks more expensive and that inflation will eat into or discourage discretionary spending on the part of consumers.

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