April was one of the best performing months for the 3 major averages since World War II. Can stocks maintain its momentum or was the negative price action seen on Thursday and Friday signs of what’s to come?

With the S&P 500 just wrapping up a positive monthly return of twelve-and-a-half percent the question becomes was it a bear market bounce or the beginning of a continued move higher? The month of May should provide us with the answer. With so much going on, these next four weeks will be must see TV as some of the following questions get answered.

Was April the worse of the economic pain?

Who wins the tug-of-war between massive stimulus and weak fundamentals?

Do we continue to make progress towards treatments and a vaccine?

How does the Phase 1 reopening’s go both in the U.S. and abroad?

What effect does this reopening have on the daily case count?

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