Our Portfolio Management Framework

Our investment methodology emphasizes quantitative principles, proven investment practices, and advanced statistical techniques while accentuating asset allocation as the most important determinant of long-term success in investment planning. This approach is designed for the long-term investor. Our estimates of capital and security market expected returns and risks use advanced investment and predictive statistical techniques to optimally combine historical information and forward-looking estimates. Effective forward-looking estimates provide a consistent framework for incorporating new information into the investment process. In addition, our portfolios are constructed using patented portfolio optimization technology that is commonly identified as the most advanced commercially available framework available to institutional investors. Our expert knowledge of this portfolio construction technology is a unique and valuable additional benefit of working with ASA.

Our Steps In the Portfolio Management Process

  • I. Identify Investment Universe – Select Assets and Asset Classes to be included
  • II. Develop Capital Market Estimates – Establish Expected Returns, Expected Risk (SD), and Correlations of Asset Universe
  • III. Optimization Process – Select and weight the most complementary Assets and Classes
    • A. Improve Historical Observations – (Estimation) –Statistical Adjustments (improve history)
      -Methods: Stein Michaud
    • B. Apply Forward Views, or Overlay Views – (Forecasts) – Overlay view of the world Examples: Overweight Equity to Bond, Value vs Growth, Domestic over Foreign, etc..)
      -Methods: Bayesian
    • C. Computing the Value
      -Methods: Resampled Efficient Frontier
  • IV. Match Investment Objectives
  • V. Monitor & Rebalance