Managed Portfolios

Emphasizing quantitative principles, proven investment practices, and advanced statistical techniques

Accentuating asset allocation as the most important determinant of long-term success in investment planning.

Our portfolios are constructed using patented portfolio optimization technology, which is commonly identified as the most advanced commercially available framework available to institutional investors.

Helping you Create, Manage, Protect & Distribute Wealth®


Approach to Managed Portfolios

Controlling risk, taxes, and expenses in an actively managed portfolio form the cornerstones of our portfolio strategy. We follow a procedurally prudent 5-Step Process to ensure that your portfolio follows a well-conceived and time-tested step-by-step approach.

We will help you identify and define your objective, tolerance for risk, time horizon for your investments, and outlook for future needs.

We analyze each potential investment with our rigorous due diligence process to identify the most appropriate solution, in an objective and unemotional way. Our "open architecture" platform gives us the freedom to choose the best solutions available to suit your needs.

Our quantitative analysts will help design an optimal asset allocation strategy to serve your investment objectives. We dynamically balance this mix with changing market conditions.

We monitor your progress on an ongoing basis and adjust accordingly for changing market conditions and new research and information. This is to ensure allocations fall inside our target ranges.

We will develop a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as a guiding document to codify duties and responsibilities, as well as goals and objectives.

What is an IPS?

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is a signed document that outlines our portfolio management process for a client. A strong IPS will detail the investment decision-making process and connect it to the client’s strategic objectives and long-term goals. The IPS is ultimately a tool we use to ensure that the client and the advisor are on the same page and that all parties are in compliance with ERISA guidelines.

Why write an IPS?

Serving as your fiduciary, we are obligated to provide our clients with information about the investment management strategy. The IPS is a succinct way of doing this and offers the following benefits:

  • Informs the client and clarifies the decision-making process.
  • Helps both clients and advisors monitor assets.
  • Creates a channel of communication between the advisor, sponsor, and plan participants.
  • Establishes a standard framework and invests in consistency.

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