The S&P 500 closed at another record high on Friday but it’s path on getting there continues to be different than last quarter.

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This move higher in the S&P 500 is different under the surface – meaning if you maintained a portfolio of strictly first quarter winners you are most likely underperforming the S&P 500. For the past month – no longer is energy the leading performing sector, no longer is small outperforming large, no longer is value outperforming growth, no longer is high beta outperforming low volatility. Therefore, we continue to stress that boring is best. Be balanced and broadly diversified and let’s keep an eye on what’s leading the market. Is it just a rotation or is it something more than that with the market trying to tell us something?

For the week ahead it’s a relatively slow week for economic data. We do get existing and new home sales for housing. We all know demand is strong and that supply is lacking, and the expectation is that combination continues. We also get jobless claims on Thursday and lets see if we get a continuation of the good news witnessed in last week’s report by seeing another sharp drop in the number of Americans filing for new unemployment benefits. Outside of that, it’s earnings season. Here the focus is on the outlook provided and if it provides any guidance as to how long the reopening, pent-up demand economic boom may last.

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