These are interesting times in the financial markets and last week gave us a great example.

Last week, the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and the Russell 2000 all made a record high close. You would think because of this, that it was a good week for financial markets. Well, these are interesting times.

Despite these record highs, it turned out to be a difficult week for stocks, bonds, and commodities. From large cap to small-cap stocks – from value stocks to growth stocks – call up a broad-based index-tracking ETF and it is most likely in the red these last 5 days. The same with bonds – call up a passive, index-tracking investment-grade corporate credit, or high yield ETF, or even the aggregate bond ETF, and performance is most likely in the red. Broad-based Commodities, same thing.

For the week ahead, our interest turns to Fedspeak. We hear from Fed Chair Jay Powell this week, from Treasury Secretary Yellen, and from multiple other federal reserve speakers. With all the focus on interest rates and inflation, these speeches — which typically don’t get a lot of airtime — may become market movers.

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