The market action and the interest in the second by second ticker readings of a handful of stocks last week was truly incredible. But, peeling back the onion, this is truly a story about risk management or what can happen to you in the absence of it. It’s one of the reasons why we preach diversification and looking at correlation between holdings, even during a bull market.

Melvin Capital learned the importance of risk management a little too late and it showed with the hedge fund reportedly losing over 50% in January as they suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of the GameStop trade.

For the week ahead, let us keep an eye on volatility. The VIX has moved back above 30 and with a reading that high you have to expect weeks like last week, where the Dow Jones can fall 600 points one day, move up 300 points the next, just to fall another 600 points the following day.

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